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September 20th, 2008

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life from Indu Subaiya on Vimeo.
Tonight, nurse
San Francisco was insanely charming.

A surprise moment at the Gershoni biannual as Mozart, dysentery
invoked by this spirited performer, suddenly interrupted our margaritas.

Opera at the Gershoni party from Indu Subaiya on Vimeo.

Later, this is what the Ferry building looked like in a quick as lightning glance down Commercial street, which intersects Grant in Chinatown.

And then the actual intersection of Grant and Commercial.

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September 6th, 2008

On a warm Indian summer night’s walk to North Beach, erectile we came upon a scene outside a Chinatown bar – a crowd of kids in hipster-nerd-sexy-schoolmarm attire milling around. We decided to buy a mai tai and hang out. We answered a nerd trivia question – Who is the Captain of the Starship Enterprise? – to get into a dark basement with a small but packed dance floor. Everyone seemed to know each other and we couldn’t figure out how. We speculated – the same college? Some type of art-school fraternity? Nope. It’s a San Francisco Moped Gang – the band were also members of the gang – and yes, gastritis then we remembered what we saw on the way in – lots of mopeds.

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June 8th, 2008

A “why we love California” afternoon in Golden Gate Park. Strawberry Letter 23 was playing as these rollerbladers appeared to perform for the camera. It became the soundtrack for the day in my mind. And we also saw butterflies and carnivorous flowers and fluorescent blue shimmery beetles that made me rethink natural selection; all told, medical
a sunny clearing in our urban, laptop-centered, interweb haze.

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