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The year in gratitude

January 1st, 2008

This year deserves a round-up. On a personal note, link it was a year for taking risk, sickness for being surprised, for learning how to collaborate, for sticking with a vision, for not being afraid to be a beginner at something, for immersive travel, for treasuring relationships in the face of mortality and loss.

I met and got to work with a brilliant group of people at Physic Ventures. Their mission, accomplishments and plans for a sustainable and healthy world are awe-inspiring. I’m honored to have been Entrepreneur-in-Residence this past year and look forward to an ongoing collaboration in 2008.

Health 2.0, the conference and community, was born. And announced its arrival through a megaphone. We are delighted that the forum is able to inspire innovators to change healthcare and now with 2 events planned in 2008, we’re poised to support the evolution of this movement as it surely takes unexpected twists and turns. Esther Dyson’s article about the conference in the Huffington Post is on my wall, and somewhere on my desk is the front page article from the Tech section of the SF Chronicle, where we were quoted, but the absolute best thing about the conference are times like when an entrepreneur said, “I spent 16 hrs on a plane from Israel, and I had no idea there were other companies like us, trying to do things this way. It was totally worth the trip.”

And in a quieter way, a little company that we hope makes life better for doctors and patients came into the world. Starting out on paper sketches in 2005, to an executive summary exactly 1 year ago that wise friends and colleagues weighed in on, to a functioning prototype in March built by developers and designers with an average age of 20, using Google chat as our primary means of communication, to a company that will launch with a world-class team and make some waves in 2008…please meet Medly.

We moved around a lot this year. We spent a sticky summer in NYC where I studied directing and screenwriting at the School of Visual Arts.

Over the course of 10 weeks, we slept in 7 different homes or apartments, granted some of that included a trip to New Orleans and to the best kept secret in Mexico, La Isla Mujeres.

At the end of the summer, while we were still in NY, we lost two very close friends, Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake, in a shocking and tragic way. Enough has been written about them in blogs, in the New York Times and in Vanity Fair, so I won’t add to that, but they affect us every single day, they inspire us to stay true to leading singular, authentic and creative lives above all.

The travel continued, but for mixed reasons. I spent 2 weeks in Bangalore this October to be with my grandmother who fell ill this year. It was a time of reflection and strong emotions, but I treasured every moment with the most brilliant, articulate, witty, well-read, elegant, graceful and unforgettable 92 year-old lady in India.

I have never looked forward to a year the way I’m looking forward to 2008. If it is a better year than 2007, my cup runneth over. To health, family, creativity and the pursuit of making the world a better place. Welcome 2008!

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